Past and Present Client and Partner Engagements…


If you are reading this, then allow me to welcome you to the world of one of the world’s greatest personalities.

Martin is a coach, consultant and entrepreneur whose main specialty is “connecting the dots” for individuals and organizations.  His demonstrated business expertise, keen intuition and succinct communication skills assist in developing and implementing powerful results and significant return on investment for his clients and projects.

This successful career path that Martin has built for himself started as a small dream in Kansas City where he learned the art of commercial real estate development and brokerage.   After 10+ years of winning numerous awards and recognition on the way to participating in over $100 million in transactions, he realized something more was available to him other than building another shopping center and that is what we are experiencing today.

A conversation with his father led to a bit of soul searching to uncover a “passion” for wanting to make a resounding impact in peoples lives.  This insight was followed up by earning an MBA in nonprofit management and becoming the executive director of a children’s foundation in Phoenix, Arizona dedicated to alleviating the pain and suffering emanating from child abuse, exploitation and disease.

Today, Martin dedicates his time to coaching and consulting individuals and organizations to assist them in being the very best they can be whether personally, professionally or as a team.

Martin has been involved in so many projects and the latest, Personal Playbook for Life is the culmination of his career path in creating an online and mobile application to assist individuals in getting present to their gifts and talents while providing organizations with a powerful tool for coaching, training, engagement and productivity.